When the going gets tough... it makes a good bar story!

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Cycling from John O' Groats to Lands End
9 Photos

Working on oil rigs in the North Sea (British, Danish, 
Norwegian sectors), Turkey, Syria, Kenya, Tanzania
21 Photos                                                           

Syria to the U.K.
11 Photos

Trekking and white water rafting in Nepal
43 Photos


Kathmandu - Bombay overland            
41 Photos

Passing through Rwanda, climbing in the Ruwenzoris and paying homage to the silverback gorillas in Zaire
10 Photos
Zaire and Central African Republic: Overland in the rainy season
51 Photos


Cameroun and Nigeria: Kiribi Beach, Wikki Warm Springs, Kano, Lagos
19 Photos

Niger and Algeria: Crossing the Sahara in the dry season
25 Photos

16 Photos

Wales: Cave digging in Agen Allwedd, Llangattock escarpment
4 Photos

Thailand, Malaysia, Sumatra, Java, Bali: Backpacking
70 Photos

Wales: Cave digging in Daren Cilau, Llangattock escarpment
10 Photos
Scotland: Winter mountaineering
15 Photos

U.S.A.: New Mexico caving expedition
40 Photos

Egypt: Nile/Red Sea/Sinai
84 Photos
Wales, England, Scotland: The sponsored 'Three Peaks Walk'
3 Photos
Ukraine: Caving with the Kiev Caving Club and the Met Grotto
42 Photos
France: Caving, Canyoning, Climbing and Mountain Biking in Vercour
34 Photos
34 Photos
Would you Adam and Eve it! A mountainous proposal
3 Photos

An Inter-rail journey through Europe: Norway,
Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Holland, Switzerland, France
6 Photos   
France: Mountain biking coast to coast along the Pyrenees
10 Photos
England: Coast to coast by mountain bike.
England: Caving in Yorkshire with the Cwmbran Caving Club
5 Photos
Ireland: Caving in Doolin, County Clare with the RFDCC
12 Photos
Wales: Winter mountaineering in Snowdonia
2 Photos
U.S.A.: Caving in West Virginia and New York State with the RFDCC
48 Photos
Czech and Slovak Republics: Caving with the GSS
25 Photos

Ireland: Caving in Doolin, County Clare with the RFDCC.
Israel and Jordan at Christmas
37 Photos
England: Caving in Yorkshire with the RFDCC.
Wales: Mountain biking and caving with the RFDCC.
The Coast to Coast ride revisited May 1998
12 Photos


World Challenge
2001 - 2013

Leading month-long expeditions with teams of young people in 
Africa, Asia and S. America.
A work in progress.


When I was your age:
The early years memoir

Early childhood, school and university: the precursor to
'When the Going Gets Tough...'
A limited edition.













An eclectic mix of ideas gathered over 30 years
to make your travels more comfortable and enjoyable.
A work in progress.

Ben in Peru

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